Hidden Hidden Elevator Shoes

A successful man needs a good pair of shoes, handmade men's leather shoes with a 6cm high sole to make you look more attractive. 【50% off】【2nd RM65】





Inexpensive, honest sellers, shoesare in superior leather, the quality is great, it wears comfortable, high-end grade.


2019-11-08 13:09:27

Ruan Jun


It wears very comfortable and stylish, price is affordable, like it


2019-10-28 13:32:15



The second purchase, it is cheap with good quality, I will patronize again. It  is the leather! Size is just fit! Very suit! Good looking! Good comment!

2019-10-26 08:11:12

gu jia

Shoes has received, very good, same as what the seller said, no color difference, size is suit, I will patronize again


2019-11-13 09:21:28

li qiang


 Shoes are very good, it wear very comfortable, the material feels soft, stylish and beautiful, the price is affordable, it is worth buying

2019-11-12 14:55:02

zhang xing

I feel very comfortable in wearing these days, very fit, soles is soft, the color is low-key, really good quality


2019-11-03 12:30:49

yang bing


Good quality, very soft, and cost-effective, it is not hurt feet at all, it is the leather


2019-11-17 08:54:31

cheng jie


 Feeling is pretty good! It is also my style! It wears very comfortable

2019-11-17 14:05:00

lai fan


Very nice, soft fabric of shoes without peculiar smell , It is good to wear that I will buy it next time.


2019-11-21 13:23:37

xie hui


The quality  of shoes is good, and it is very comfortable to wear, my colleagues all said that the shoes is beautiful.

2019-11-20 12:12:14

jian han


The size is just suit my feet, soft leather, soles are not hard, it is very comfortable to wear.

2019-11-05 10:02:53

huang weng


It is my type, it is not only breathable but stylish with good workmanship and soft soles that is comfortable to wear.

2019-10-31 14:30:07

qou ru

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